by Alex Knight | 6 min read

How to generate word-of-mouth advertising as an online seller

Remember the good old days when word of mouth was marketing's silver bullet. Well, guess what? It still is. Just because you sell online that doesn't mean you can't get people talking about you. Here's how to do it.

by Lyndsay McGregor | 16 min read

How to win the Amazon Buy Box: the ultimate guide

Bagging the Amazon Buy Box is not as hard as it may seem. Master the proven steps outlined in our in-depth guide and you'll be in tip-top shape to win.

by Graham Ó Maonaigh | 2 min read

Who are the world's biggest Amazon sellers?

If you've ever wondered who the biggest sellers are on Amazon, then you're in luck, because we have the list right here.

by Alex Knight | 7 min read

Your complete step-by-step guide to Amazon keyword research

Amazon keyword research is crucial to ensure your product is seen when customers search for it. Follow these four simple steps to optimize your listing.

by Rupert Heather | 4 min read

9 must-have features of a top Amazon repricer

Amazon repricers are not born equal. Unless you’re using the best Amazon Repricing Tool you're giving your competitors an instant advantage.

by Gerard Adlum | 11 min read

6 overlooked competitor analysis steps for better Amazon listing optimization

Amazon listing optimization has a big impact on your business: improve your product rankings with 6 overlooked steps to copy your competitors' secrets to success, and leverage their weaknesses for your gain.

by Rupert Heather | 2 min read

How to calculate your net margin on eBay and Amazon

The net margin on Amazon and eBay is the amount you have left after deducting the cost of the product and the cost of sale. Here's how to calculate it.

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